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You Should Know These Important Tips When Buying Waterproof Shoes

In order to stay dry and warm during winter, you must waterproof your leather shoes. Each waterproofing product creates a thin, water-resistant barrier over the leather. You can get the best waterproof shoes in this sites.

Look at your shoe carefully and note the type of leather, and any other materials. Be sure to read the instructions for cleaning your shoes on the shoebox. You should then select the waterproofing product for leather that suits your shoe type.

To waterproof your shoes you can use either a liquid wax or a spray. Sprays make it easier, but might not give you a very thick layer of protection. Sprays (which are usually silicone-based) should be avoided on thinner, more delicate leathers. If this is the case, then you may want to ask your leather’s manufacturer for a simple semi-solid product that will waterproof shoes.

Perform a “spot-test” on a hard-to see area before starting waterproofing. It is best to do a spot test on a small, hard-to-see area inside the shoe. You should stop using any product that you find damaged or has changed color or texture. You can find the answer to your question by contacting the manufacturer.

After everything has gone well, it is time to start waterproofing the leather. Certain waxy products come with a brush. Others can be rubbed-on. Rub-on products should be applied with a smooth and soft cloth. It is important to read all instructions before you begin. They will likely tell you that it’s best to use a soft, smooth cloth and rub the product in circular motions.

Use a soft brush to get deeper into cracks. Apply a bit of pressure and make sure you move the brush in slow circles. You should use a special soft brush for this, or you might scratch the shoe. It is recommended that you use a soft brush for the fabric as well.

When it comes to cracks and raised areas on the leather, be sure to give them extra attention, using either a cloth, brush, or both. Use a generous amount of ointment to cover these cracks and raised areas. Also, rub the area vigorously. Repetition up to three time is necessary to waterproof this important area.