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Managed Services for Networks – Improve the Deployment of Media Services

No longer is hiring a third person for maintenance or task management limited to just one industry. In our private lives we benefit greatly from outsourcing, especially for events like weddings and parties. It is also useful to use the services of a third party when it comes to interior decoration, small IT set-ups in homes, catering and other services. Recent launches by international information technology and communications firms have IT service desk analyst that are designed to reduce the cost of deployments for media.

Some of the media services that are most demanded include 3D videos and HD across various platforms. Major processes involved in the deployment of these Media Services include: master control and content acquisition; traffic control and billing; digital files management, and content delivery via VOD (video-on-demand) platforms. As they need guaranteed uptime, seamless bandwidth is required for all these processes. A Managed network service provider can help you save on the cost to establish a new setup as well as the costs of ongoing maintenance. One of the requirements for media services is that video files are distributed to multiple locations. Another budget concern, this will require dedicated resources to manage smooth operations. Providers can also address this concern by offering video expertise and knowledge of network management on site.

Some of us wouldn’t adapt to a specific technology after reading just a short article. Below are several media giants who are already using network managed services in order to reach the marketplace with innovative media initiatives, and ultimately save costs. McDonald’s uses managed services as part of their internal entertainment network. Semi Corporation, another company that uses the services of managed services in its digital playout service is Semi Corporation.

There are many broadcasting companies who have developed products, services, and systems that can be used by managed network service providers. They are often ideal for larger networks such as broadcasters, large cable networks, or satellites. A managed network provider can offer services tailored specifically to your business. It is possible for business owners to have access to a modern, secure and reliable technological environment. They only pay what they actually use. Now is the perfect time to find a tech partner if your business needs media services.