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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Is This Procedure Right For You?

Asian eyelids, which have a distinct upper eyelid folding above the lashes but with a visible eyelid base are called double eyelids. It is important to note that there are many variations in the eyelids. The fold appears as a result of a fold that is located at the very top edge under the eyelid fold. This crease marks a clear attachment between the eyelid tendon and skin. Double folds give definition to the upper eyelid. They are desirable on both men as well as women. This defined platform provides a place where women can apply eye make-up safely and enhance their appearance.

How will the Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Westernize my Eyes?

Incorrectly describing double eyelid surgeries as if they were about “westernizing the eyes” is an incorrect interpretation. Asian people are known for both their double eyelids and the absence thereof. Some Asians who lack a dual eyelid want to acquire one. But they fear that it will “westernize” them. In the past, this description was used. Sometimes it’s still found in articles that don’t fully grasp the true purpose of surgery. It is the goal of double-fold surgery to create an appearance that looks natural by creating well-defined upper eyelid creases. In order to achieve this result, the surgeon creates a low crease by removing some skin and leaving the remainder of the eye intact. Unfortunately, some doctors make the fold too wide and cut off too much tissue. The result is a poor looking surgery. A highly experienced eyelid doctor who is familiar with the entire procedure will be able to provide you with the results that you desire. The objective is to keep the original eyelid structure and add eyelid enhancements that are in line with your vision.

Creating a Folded Double

The two main ways of creating a doublefold are: Asian countries are known for their suture method, which uses temporary stitches in order to form an upper crease. As the threads eventually break, this is not a good option if you are looking for something permanent. The doctor performs double eyelid procedures by removing some tissue in order to create an eyelid fold. Surgery must be performed to retain the Asian features of the upper-eyelid and to add an eyelid crease that forms a distinct upper-eyelid fold.

Many of these surgery can be performed at the clinic under local anesthesia. About 10 days after surgery all the swelling and bruising will have subsided. Most people have their stitches removed by 1 week. A few tiny stitches at the crease are also left for 3 weeks. In about 10 to 14 days most people won’t be able to tell that you had a surgery.

What If My Eyes are Small?

It is often used to determine the size of an eyes by observing how much sclera (white area) there is. It is possible that eyes look small due to upper lid ptosis. Surgery will vary depending on how you feel. Often double eyelids surgery will make the eyes larger, by adding definition. It is always best to take a flexible approach that involves a physical examination, and weigh the various options before deciding on the right method. For small eyes, there is no set procedure. Instead, the surgery has to be adjusted according to individual needs.