Sharing on 2018 Legacy Project

13 Nov 2018
09:00 - 09:15

Sharing on 2018 Legacy Project

SGConnect, also known as Smart Growth Connect is ASEAN BAC’s legacy project for 2018.

The intent of SGConnect is to foster and support the successful urbanisation of ASEAN cities by implementing a modern city supply chain that would enable a highly efficient flow of goods to support their consumption needs, therein helping these cities to grow without growing pains. The practices of this urban city supply chain will achieveoptimal distribution efficiencies, with real-time visibility of movement of goods and quality control.  The city population would have access to safe food, reliable and swift logistics services while enjoying congestion free roads and minimal air pollution. The overall economic growth of each city will be fostered with delivering adaptable solutions,in keeping with respective AMS’s technology, capability and maturity.

By Dr Robert Yap, Chairman, ASEAN BAC 2018

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