Fostering an inclusive digital ecosystem in ASEAN

Fostering an inclusive digital ecosystem in ASEAN

Bain & Co recently estimated that digitising SMEs could raise regional GDP by as much as US$1.13 trillion by 2025.

ASEAN’s digital economy is unfolding at an unprecedented pace, changing the way we live and conduct business. It promises to empower SMEs, promote interoperability, encourage connectivity and transform ASEAN’s businesses landscape. However, digital disruption also exposes traditional sectors to new shocks and vulnerabilities. Faced with real economic impacts, there is an urgency to introduce new tools to balance the opportunities and risks of the fourth industrial revolution.

Objective: To address the challenges and new opportunities brought about by digitalisation and Industry 4.0, and how businesses especially SMEs can harness them.

Key Questions:

  1. How will the digitalisation of ASEAN play out in the short, medium and long term?
  2. What are the opportunities and challenges posed by the digitalisation of ASEAN, and how can governments and companies position themselves to promote inclusive growth?
  3. What are the industry sectors that will benefit from this digital transformation?
  4. What existing rules and regulations address the challenges of governing the digital economy, and are they adequate to tackle the complexities in the new digital age?
  5. How will the incorporation of advanced technology such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and AI affect the future of ASEAN citizens who are unskilled?

Wai Phyo, Council Member of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, Managing Director of Yathar Cho Industry Ltd


  1. Martin Yates, ASEAN CTO, Dell EMC Singapore Office
  2. Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid – Co-founder and President, Bukalapak
  3. Abdul Raof Latiff, Managing Director, Group head Digital & GTS Product Management Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank
  4. Ozzier Khan, Director, Technology Strategy and Business Relationships Division at Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  5. Anusha Babbar, Head eCommerce, Unilever
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