Engage & Collaborate with ASEAN – Unravelling Vast Opportunities in the ASEAN Region

Engage & Collaborate with ASEAN – Unravelling Vast Opportunities in the ASEAN Region

The formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in end-2015 sent a strong signal to the world that we are open for business. ASEAN has grown strongly over the years and is poised to become an important economic region. ASEAN’s total trade with the world soared 61% to US$2.6 tri in 2017 from US$ 1.6 tri in 2007. Of which, the largest share is contributed by China with total trade jumping to 18.7% in 2017, follows by the EU accounting for around 13% of ASEAN trade.

However, intra-ASEAN trade remains about a quarter of ASEAN’s total trade. ASEAN needs to enhance its economic potential by increasing integration, facilitate trade and investment within the bloc, and at the same time expand economic cooperation with partners.

Objective:There are many opportunities in the horizon for non-ASEAN companies to expand into the region.  The panel will discuss how non-ASEAN countries can leverage and ride the wave of the new ASEAN to reap the benefits and opportunities present, and how ASEAN can continue to position itself as an attractive region for trade and investment. The panel will also look at how non-ASEAN companies can contribute to the growth of intra-ASEAN trade and how useful are the various Free Trade Agreements.

Key questions:

  1. ASEAN trade and Investment with non-ASEAN Partners – What are the trends and challenges faced? Where are the growth sectors and markets?
  2. Non-ASEAN Partners’ perspective of ASEAN – What changes are they looking for to better position ASEAN as an attractive region?
  3. How can non-ASEAN Partners help to increase intra-ASEAN trade and Investment?
  4. How useful are the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with non-ASEAN Partner countries in facilitating trade and investment in ASEAN? What can companies do more to leverage the benefits of FTAs?

Ho Meng Kit, CEO, SBF


  1. Damien Peter O’Connor, Minister of State for Trade and Export Growth, New Zealand
  2. George Hollingbery, Minister of State for Trade Policy, UK
  3. Donald Kanak, Chairman, EU-ASEAN Business Council & Chairman, Eastspring Investments
  4. Dr Yuri Sato, VP, Jetro
  5. Ivan Polyakov, President, Russia ASEAN Business Council
  6. Alexander Feldman, President, US ASEAN Business Council
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