Digitize ASEAN 2018

Date: 5 June 2018, Tuesday
Venue: Resorts World Sentosa Ballroom
Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Feature Chair and Champions


Day 1
05 Jun 2018

Opening Address

Robert Yap Min Choy

ASEAN Outlook Survey

Thian Tai Chew

Keynote: Future Outlook on ASEAN Digital Economy

Digitization has changed business and social landscape globally. How has the wave of digitization impacted ASEAN’s development? What are the key trends and opportunities which we may see in the...
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Andrea Della Mattea

Panel: Human Capital for Digital Transformation

The panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities in ASEAN to grow digital capabilities in its human capital so as to better serve the digital-driven economy. How ready is the...
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Howie Lau
Prof Arnoud De Meyer
Patricia Yim
U Wai Phyo
Tim Dwyer

Breakout Tracks

  • (A) Smart Healthcare
    Chaired by: Bruce Liang, CEO, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)
  • (B) Smart Supply Chain and eCommerce
    Chaired by: Kerry Mok, Former CEO, YCH Group
  • (C) Smart Banking and Finance
    Chaired by: Vikram Subrahmanyam, Head of Operations & Technology, Asia Pacific, Citigroup
Bruce Liang
Kerry Mok
Vikram Subrahmanyam
DA Breakout Track A
(Smart Healthcare)
DA Breakout Track B
(Smart Supply Chain and eCommerce)
DA Breakout Track C
(Smart Banking and Finance)

Opening Address

The session will examine the challenges and key shifts that are required to ensure long-term sustainability of Singapore’s healthcare system. It will also discuss the technological implications of these shifts...
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Bruce Liang

Panel: Case Study of Telehealth

For countries facing challenges by growing social disparities, rising demand pressures from population growth and ageing, and uneven access to healthcare services, Telehealth or Telecare presents itself as an opportunity...
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Robert Yap Min Choy
Mario Silos
Alain Durand
Chua Chee Yong
Shinichiro Okazaki
Dr Samuel Chong

Panel: Smart Tech for Preventive Health

Even as governments continue to improve accessibility and affordability of care, it will be important for healthcare systems to keep sight of long-term sustainability. An important tenet would be to...
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Bruce Liang
Pang Sze Yunn
Zee Yoong Kang
Adam Odessky
Dr Daniel Chan

Panel: Smart Tech for Treatment

The past 4 years has witnessed an exponential growth in the breadth and depth of offerings at the intersection of technology and health care. A number of these solutions promised...
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Axel Baur
John Cassidy
Dr Jeremy Lim
Dr Stephen Chan

Panel: Getting the Digital Health Foundation Right

A common challenge in the digital health journey is the integration of human dimensions of care with automation or ‘intelligent’ technologies. Smart health requires the intricate re-engineering and integration of...
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Jonathan Rees
Chua Chee Yong
Dr Jeremy Lim
Dr Keren Priyadarshini
Magdalene Loh

Opening Address

Kuntha Chelvanathan

Case Study: ASEAN Single Window

Digitizing Cross Border Trade Documentation: What is available from the ASEAN Single Window? How does it help to facilitate cross border trade? What more can be done to improve ASW?
Charles Brewer

Case Study: ASEAN Single Window

Digitizing Cross Border Trade Documentation: What is available from private initiated platforms? How would it impact importers and exporters?
Hoo Wei Chet

Case Study: Smart Cities – Transforming of Urban Logistics

How urban logistics transformation can help in improving traffic congestion, reduce pollution and achieve higher productivity? Solutions around the world and potential applications within ASEAN.
Glenn Neo

Panel: eCommerce Landscape in ASEAN

The potential in ASEAN. What is the key battleground for the players? What is the future outlook of the ASEAN region?
Radu Palamariu
Dr Yuri Sato
Steen Puggaard
Hong Chun Mun
Charles Brewer
Parker Gundersen

Panel: Digital Disruptions in the Logistics Industry and its implication in ASEAN

How are the operations in Logistics sector affected by digital disruptors? How would Logistics sector’s business model change with the adoption of these digital disruptors?
Prof Annie Koh
Law Chung Ming
Luc Grimond
Shawn Heng
Pang Mei Yee
Marvin Tan

Welcome Remarks

Vikram Subrahmanyam

Opening Address

Damien Pang

Case Study: Banking / Finance using technology to enable smart city

Digital is disrupting everything. Technology is making cities smart, and banking and finance is changing to enable this.
Ho-Yin Lee

Panel: Digitizing Payments

What does the future of digital payments look like in ASEAN? How are governments, companies and consumers driving, encouraging and responding to digitization? What are critical factors for successful adoption...
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Debopama Sen
Mandy Lamb
Tan Sri Munir
Rachel Dance
Jeffrey Goh

Case Study: Financial Inclusion

“What benefits has the digitization of Financial Services brought to speed up the process and deepen the reach in the space of Financial Inclusion? Across ASEAN what untapped opportunities remain...
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Matteo Chiampo

Cyber Security

What can ASEAN learn from the global experiences around the development of cyber security capabilities, and is there any opportunity for ASEAN to leapfrog the global experience?
Charles Blauner

Panel: Cyber Security

Banking and Financial Services remain one of the highest profile industries in the cross-hairs of bad actors. What more can we do in ASEAN to collaborate across Industry, regulators, policy-making...
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Charles Blauner
Naveen Menon
Baey Chin Cheng
Kunal Sehgal
Prof Robert Deng

Closing Speech

Vikram Subrahmanyam

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